A Ministry of Education Strengthening Early Learning Opportunity.

For Hamilton Services

Beginning with an Online Wānanga, followed by individual support for select services, this programme will support you to increase your knowledge around dispositional learning, through individual planning for tamariki.

Thursday 31 March 2022, 7:00pm-9:00pm on Zoom

Being a learner in the 21st Century: A closer look at Learning Dispositions.

Presented by Wendy Lee

Learning Stories are New Zealand’s unique assessment practice. This idea emerged out of the first research carried out specifically to consider what might assessment look like now we have Te Whāriki. Te Whāriki (2017) states “Narrative forms of assessment, such as Learning Stories, may make use of a formative assessment sequence of noticing, recognising and responding recording and revisiting valued learning”. Learning dispositions are critical for encouraging valued learning in the 21st century and this view has been strengthened in Te Whāriki (2017). Let us take a closer look.

Learning Dispositions in Action: What does this look like?

Presented by Lorraine Sands

Children are learners-in-action and dispositions, like curiosity, resilience, and empathy, motivate these active learners to take an interest, be involved, explore, communicate and act with fairness. Professors Claxton and Carr encourage kaiako to take a “dynamic approach” to dispositions and think of them as verbs, as attributes that can be strengthened as kaiako design learning environments that grow the robustness, breadth and richness of learner responses. We’ll look at some practical examples of ways kaiako can strengthen children’s learning dispositions and consider the kinds of environments that support this learning to happen.

Wednesday 13 April 2022, 7:00pm-8:30pm, on Zoom

Young Children’s Learning Dispositions

Presented by Professor Alex Gunn, University of Otago

Planning for a second online event is underway where you will have the opportunity to hear from Professor Alex Gunn from the University of Otago.

More details to be confirmed.

Are you interested in more in-depth support for your service?

In addition to these online events we are also providing a more in-depth opportunity for kaiako where we will work intensively with six services to support them to develop a sound knowledge and competence around dispositions, with a strong focus on Learning Stories.

This programme will consist of:

  • In-centre visits from a Professional Learning Facilitator
  • Feedback on Assessment practices
  • Online support
  • A group presentation day to celebrate the learning

As this opportunity is only available for six services, we are looking for teams with a strong desire, passion and commitment to this kaupapa.

Stay Informed!