Teacher Mentoring

Te Hāpai i te Kaiako

Our Professional Learning Facilitators will provide provocations and resources to support kaiako and leaders to use processes that ensure everyone is working smarter not harder. Through creating meaningful documentation of your professional growth, organically, rather than the huge mountains of paperwork that teacher’s often find themselves facing you will find this process motivating and focused on growing professional practice.

Below are some suggestions for mentoring/professional growth cycles for kaiako and leaders. These options give you an idea of what is possible, our Professional Learning Facilitators are happy to create a unique support package that meets the requirements of your setting.

E ngaki ana a mua, e tōtō mai ana a muri

First clear the weeds, then plant. Make time for mind-weeding.

Online support

(In-person support is available at extra cost)

2 x 1.5 hour meetings per year (3 hours)
1 appraisal meeting per year (2 hours)
Regular feedback and support as required (8 hours)
Total 13 hours per leader/manager

Cost: $2,600.00 per year

Online support

(In-person support is available at extra cost)

3 x 1.5 hour meetings per year (4.5 hours)
1 x 2 hour PGC summation hui (2 hours)
Regular feedback and support as required (5 hours)
Total hours 11.5 hours per kaiako/teacher

Cost: $2,300.00 per year

The prices indicated are per person, based on a 12 month programme and exclude GST. If not online, travel costs for our facilitators are an additional charge for all programmes. These packages can be adapted to suit your budget and requirements.

Roberta Skeoch

Strong leadership is essential in a sector where teacher shortages are a very real issue and increasingly teachers step into management roles without the ideal time and preparation. Providing support and experience to managers, and centres to nurture a culture that supports and grows teachers into leadership roles, is something I feel is not only important but also makes impactful difference.

I am also dedicated to supporting kaiako to embrace and integrate their use of te reo, tikanga and matauranga Māori into their practice in meaningful ways. I enjoyed teaching te reo Maori to ECE kaiako using traditional indigenous techniques as effective language learning tools.

Anita Homewood

I have been working in Early Childhood Education for many years now, and have enjoyed opportunities to grow my teaching learning practice. I have experience in all aspects of ECE, as a kaiako, in leadership and curriculum development, and as a professional learning facilitator. My passion lies with our youngest learners – infants and toddlers – and supporting kaiako working with these wonderful tamariki. I love working with kaiako, strengthening their practice and inspiring them to grow as professionals. Relationship and connection is at the heart of all I do, and believe in journeying together over a period of time. I love seeing kaiako grow as reflective practitioners, critical thinkers and advocates for children’s learning and development.
I am available for mentoring, providing advice and guidance for kaiako at all levels. Please feel free to contact me to have a chat about how I can work with you.

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