Ministry of Education Funded SELO Programmes

SELO – Ngā Kaupapa

What is SELO?

SELO (Strengthening Early Learning Opportunities for children, whānau, families and communities) is a professional development programme to support early learning services. A facilitator will work with management and teachers/educators to support a shift in practice towards high quality management, teaching and learning.

SELO programmes

SELO is grouped into three programmes and a service can receive more than one type of SELO at any time.

  • Programme 1 provides in-depth professional development to strengthen governance and management practices and to support services to meet the licencing requirements.
  • Programme 2 focuses on community specific professional development to support services to be responsive to identity, language and culture. It is also available for certificated playgroups and for services with children/whānau with additional needs.
  • Programme 3 targets seven focus areas within the early learning environment. These are:
    Infants and toddlers
    Curriculum (including Te Aho Tukutuku/early mathematics and early literacy)
    Māori leadership
    Pacific leadership
    Communities of Learning | Kāhui Ako
    Digital technology

Professional development facilitators

Educational Leadership Project (ELP) are one of the Ministry of Education’s approved facilitators that can deliver professional development across the country.


Current SELO Programmes being delivered by ELP

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Previous SELO programmes delivered by ELP

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