Marianne MacPherson

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Marianne has a Bachelor of Teaching (Auckland University) teaching in Auckland kindergartens for over 20 years before joining Educational Leadership in 2013. Developing responsive and reciprocal relationships with a view to dignifying the life of all who are a part of the learning community is at the heart Marianne’s philosophy.

“Working within the richness of the cultural diversity in the Auckland area the concept of ako is important to me. Building respectful relationships with teachers and children responsive to their cultural settings supports me to work alongside teachers acknowledging that learning happens most powerfully when we are responsive to and respectful of each others strengths, passions and cultural knowledge”

Inquiry Research

Facilitating cluster based programmes supporting teaching teams inquiry into strengthening early literacy, mathematics and leadership with the interweaving of bi-cultural practices over the past 3 years I am passionate about working alongside and supporting teachers in centre based inquiry responsive to their community and cultural context or their settings. This involves reflective, thoughtful and meaningful professional learning, centered around an inquiry question embodying the notion of dignity and empowerment for all – children, whānau and teachers and acknowledging the important place of language culture identity.

(A pdf of learning story written by Gina documented as teachers worked to strengthen socio-cultural mathematics through inquiry research shares a powerful example)


Planning and Assessment

The transformative power of learning stories I find myself increasingly reflecting on and sharing as I work with teachers supporting them in strengthening their assessment documentation in response to the interwoven nature of the principles and strands of Te Whāriki and aligned to the values of their Philosophy. Meaningful analysis of learning happens when teachers move beyond pulling out ‘learning outcomes’ to understanding the theory, research and practice that sit behind the principles, strands and outcomes and connect to Te Whāriki as a socio-cultural and bi-cultural curriculum. Building teacher knowledge through inquiry research and working to keep this up-to-date is where the deeper understanding about learning starts to happen and this becomes a transformative process as teachers actively engage in this research resulting in strengthened planning and programmes responsive to children’s learning pathways.


Transition to School

I have a real interest in research and programmes in response to strengthening dispositional teaching and learning and the importance of building positive learner identity. Understanding dispositions as well as a strong sense of identity and belonging are recognised as supporting successful transitions to school and I am particularly interested in working alongside teachers supporting continuity of learning through this dispositional lens including how the learning community – children, families and teachers and others – grow in understanding and recognition of dispositions that are valued and how these are cultivated or encultured in and across learning environments.


Language Leading the way to Literacy

Becoming a Hanen Trained facilitator of the Learning Language and Loving it programme has offered me the opportunity to facilitate this programme within early childhood settings in South Auckland through SELO. This programme supports teachers in recognising the importance of oral language leading the way to literacy within play based programmes and in working with children for whom English is a second language.

“This programme is an eye opener for all of us. It was a well structured programme and our facilitator unpacked the strategies in a very good way. She explained to us in response to our individual needs. The centre visits and video-coaching supported us. We are more confident and giving children more opportunities to communicate. It has made a difference” The Children’s Corner, Papatoetoe.

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