Marianne MacPherson

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Marianne has a Bachelor of Teaching (Auckland University) teaching in Auckland kindergartens for over 20 years before joining Educational Leadership in 2013. Developing responsive and reciprocal relationships with a view to dignifying the life of all who are a part of the learning community is at the heart Marianne’s philosophy.

“Working within the richness of the cultural diversity in the Auckland area the concept of ako is important to me. Building respectful relationships with teachers and children responsive to their cultural settings supports me to work alongside teachers acknowledging that learning happens most powerfully when we are responsive to and respectful of each others strengths, passions and cultural knowledge”

Inquiry Research

Facilitating cluster based programmes supporting teaching teams inquiry into strengthening early literacy, mathematics and leadership with the interweaving of bi-cultural practices over the past 3 years I am passionate about working alongside and supporting teachers in centre based inquiry responsive to their community and cultural context or their settings. This involves reflective, thoughtful and meaningful professional learning, centered around an i