Christine Carducci – COVID-19 response

Christine Carducci
SALSA Board Secretary (Supporting the Advancement of Learning Stories in America)

I can’t believe that it has been close to two months from April 6 when I wrote this story, below, and even longer from when the stay at home order was announced (March 16). I am thankful for the educators and colleagues who took time to read and respond to my story.  I am fortunate to have this network to reach out to and thankful they always respond.  

In regard to what’s happening ‘out my window’ now.  I am left wondering about the children and families in my neighborhood.  The first few weeks of physical / social distancing, the time when I wrote this Learning Story, there many families and children walking by.  I noticed them and enjoyed their presence in my space for the few moments when they walked by and walked on.  Yet over time, they’ve stopped coming.  I don’t often see or hear children walking with their parents as much outside my window. Seems things are changing back to how it was before. Outside my window now, I hear voices of ‘work-from-home’ cell phone conversations as adults come and go from the re-opened coffee shop mobile order pick-up in hand.  I hear occasional families on bike rides or those walking dogs. I wonder if the children are occupied at home,  going out to different locations or walking different streets?

Then, I wonder, what was it in that moment in time when children and families were spending time together walking in the neighborhood? What was it about me, in that moment and time when I was alert to notice, to pause, to reflect and to appreciate their presence. So, I continue to reflect on the question: What good may come out of living through an international pandemic? 

Out My Window 

By Chris Carducci April 6, 2020 (click on the image to read the orignal story)

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