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He tauira Kōrero Ako

On this page you will find Learning Stories from Aotearoa/New Zealand, and from all over the world. Some of these stories come from previous Celebrating Learning Stories conferences, others have been written and shared with ELP as part of teachers’s learning journeys. We hope that you can enjoy these stories, and find inspiration in writing your own!

Please also take a look at our ELP Learning Story Assessment Facebook Group. This group has been created by ELP as a place for teachers to share Learning Stories. Important: please remember to seek parental permission if the learning story has a photo or alternatively take out or blur the photo before uploading.

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Paige’s Box. By Amanda King

Paige, your making abilities and continual creativity blows me away! Your latest box creation is a fabulous example of the many fantastic things you design and make. What’s super special about this creation is that you have added to it...

Maths Everywhere! By Amanda King

Georgia, Miss Williams and I have both noticed you doing so much maths in your play! Every day you are counting, comparing, measuring.... you don’t even realise all the maths learning you’re doing! Yesterday you started making hearts and bringing...

EIEIO. By Sue Fahey

Sounds have long captured your imagination and attention Jamie. I have written about this before, when you were much younger (June 2012), and look where your interest is taking you now! Old McDonald is one of our favourite waiata. Regardless...

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