Beau yesterday your mum came to pick you up from Kindy in a big storm, it had been so windy a tree had fallen over on your drive way. The next day at Kindy you couldn’t wait to tell us about what you had seen. When I asked you, you told me … “The tree fell on the driveway and Meeka and my Mum were watching it. The tree fell over. The wind blew it over. There tractor lifted it on the lawn. Popa cut it up with his ‘trainsaw’. It is nice good firewood.” You decided you really wanted to draw a picture of what had happened at your place. You got stuck in straight away. Once you had drawn the background of your picture you ran into a problem. “I can’t draw a tractor!” Uh-oh we had run into a problem that would require a creative solution. I talked with you about how we could be like Tuna and could use the resources that are available to us to solve this problem. After a few moments we decided we needed to source a picture of a tractor. You suggested looking on the computer. You choose a few pictures of tractors that you really liked and we printed them off. You decided that instead of using the photo to copy onto your picture you were going to be creative and cut out a picture and stick it on.

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