Ngaio Early Learning Centre, Childspace – COVID-19 response

Ngaio Early Learning Centre, Childspace
Wellington, New Zealand

Ngaio Childspace is nestled within the beautiful area of Tarikaka Settlement in Ngaio, Wellington.

We believe in care and education that fosters reciprocal and respectful relationships with tamariki and whānau. It is through this partnership and our continuity of care approach that children are supported holistically within our space. This centre services infants, toddlers and young children, to six years of age. We endeavour to have enriching and engaging environments that encourage exploration, autonomy, and trust while upholding the values that are important to us as a centre, and those that are important to our whānau.

Our passionate team of qualified teachers work across two neighbouring spaces: one villa is dedicated to children up to the age of around two years old and the other villa up to the age of five years old. Whilst each age group has their own freedom of space, there is a caring culture where all children spend time together and learn from one another.

Ngaio Childspace is a full time centre, committed to fostering love and care in Early Childhood Education. We run a relationship based programme focusing on the utmost respect for every child and family that we work with. Our thoughtfully planned out spaces offer opportunity for exploration and investigation, and also spaces for sanctuary and retreat.

Inspired by the work of Emmi Pikler and Magda Gerber, we have created a peaceful environment which allows children to discover as much as possible on their own with the support of familiar and consistent teachers.

This respectful approach is supported by our key caregiving system which ensures one person within the environment is committed to building a close trusting relationship with each child and their family. This creates consistent communication with families on a daily basis and a secure base for children spending time away from their family during the day.

Our whole-team approach to key caregiving ensures that all teachers form loving and respectful relationships with children. We offer an innovative programming system which celebrates individual children’s interests and strengths in their journey of learning and development. Each child has a profile book which their teacher adds to with stories about their interests and development.

With an established philosophy embedded within the heart of the centre, Ngaio Childspace strives to create a gentle, loving atmosphere that is a home away from home for children and their families.

Bobbi-Jo Burkitt
ECE Manager

These past couple of months we have lived through an extraordinary slice of history.  We asked some of our leaders and readers in early childhood to share their reflections on this moment in time and the value and importance of human relationships. Bobbi-Jo shares her experience, below.

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Below is a Learning Story, about Amēlie, celebrating love, contentment and curiosity in the toddler room.

I’M A TODDLER GIRL (click on the image to read the Learning Story in full)


Melanie Audier

AN IMPORTANT TIME IN HISTORY (click on the image to read the story in full)

“As people we have an instinct to come together; an innate need for belonging; to feel recognised as individuals; and know we have a place in the world around us (Te Whāriki, 2017). We can never truly know the extent that our ripples affect the lives of others…..


The following is the Childspace Newsletter that was sent out prior to re-opening after lockdown. A fabulous contribution that they generously shared with the wider community (click the image to read the full Newsletter):



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